Are Blue Heelers Cuddly? Everything You Need To Know

How amazing it feels to give a warm hug to your Blue Heeler. But here’s the real question: do they actually love it as much as we do? Are Blue Heelers cuddly?

As a dog enthusiast, I can’t wait to share my experiences on this topic. So join me on this journey as I uncover the truth behind Blue Heelers’ cuddle preferences!

Are Blue Heelers Cuddly? 

It depends. Blue Heelers are not naturally cuddly, but they still show affection toward everyone in your family. Yet, they can be cautious with strangers.

Blue Heelers aren’t known for being cuddly. Nevertheless, my Blue Heeler sometimes surprises me and shows his cuddly side. 

Meanwhile, I have a friend who has just adopted a Blue Heeler. He shares that his dog tends to avoid his cuddles.

So, the reaction of Blue Heelers toward their owners’ affection is different. After checking in many cases, I find out many factors affect their behaviors:

Their nature

Let’s talk about when these dogs don’t like to cuddle first! Blue Heelers are tough and independent. Due to their nature, they don’t often enjoy cuddling or physical touch. 

If your pets come from working dog lines, they aren’t fond of cuddles. Meanwhile, they may love physical affection if they grow up as a family pet. 


Blue Heelers are super active. This high energy level comes from their history for a long time. So, these dogs prefer doing something productive rather than just lounging around. 

If you don’t give your pets enough physical activity, they will become restless easily. Hence, they don’t want cuddles.  

Poor upbringing

My cousin adopted her Blue Heeler from an animal rescue center. She also found out that her dog didn’t receive the socialization he needed during his early days. So, he avoided interactions with humans. 


My pet feels safer and more protected when I hug him. Whenever he shows signs of anxiety, I cuddle him immediately to comfort him. Here is the case where Blue Heelers like cuddles but can feel scared towards strangers.

Cold weather

Blue Heelers huddle together for warmth in cold weather. So, if you are sitting on the sofa in the freezing winter and your dogs are snuggling up next to you, cuddle them. 

are blue heelers cuddly

Some Blue Heelers like cuddling

Are Blue Heelers Affectionate? 

The answer depends on where and how they grow up. Raising Blue Heelers in a living environment teaches them to love and trust their family, so they don’t mind showing love for their owners and other pets in the house. 

Blue Heelers have earned the nickname “velcro dogs” since they often form a close bond with one person. Then, they stick by this person’s side wherever they do. However, it’s important to note that being affectionate doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy being cuddled.

Some dog breeds, like Pugs and Labradors, really enjoy human touch and cuddles. Meanwhile, Blue Heelers don’t need excessive touch. My pet likes cuddles sometimes, but he prefers sitting by my side and playing with me. 

are blue heelers cuddlers

The environment affects their behaviors

Why Do Some Blue Heelers Avoid Cuddling Harshly? 

Some Blue Heelers hate cuddling. I have mentioned why they refuse your affection, but the following cases are more severe. You need to pay more attention to your pets because they are sensitive. 

  • Abuse: Some Blue Heelers have a wary nature due to past mistreatment. You need to be patient and allow them to build trust with you gradually. 
  • Injuries: Blue Heelers have an instinct to hide their vulnerabilities. When they are in pain, they try to keep their distance. 
  • Poor socialization: If Blue Heelers don’t get proper socialization when they’re young, they can become very cautious. Sometimes, they react strongly to physical contact. 

are blue heelers cuddly dogs

There are various reasons why Blue Heelers hate cuddling

How Do You Bond With Blue Heelers? 

Not all Blue Heelers are affectionate in the first stages. I have some tips to help your pets become familiar with cuddles: 

Positive reinforcement

Whenever your pets allow you to cuddle them, reward them with praise or a treat. This positive reinforcement helps them link cuddling with something enjoyable.

Exercise together

Take your dogs on a run or jog alongside you. You two can swim together, too. Sharing these happy experiences builds a bond between you and your pets. Then, they feel more comfortable when you hug them. 

This video will show you some exercise needs and ideas to try with your Blue Heelers:

Rest or sleep in the same room

You can set up a cozy blanket or bed near your bed where Blue Heelers can rest comfortably. They feel more secure when they lay next to you and become familiar with you. 

Start from the early age

When I got my puppy, I gave him lots of love every day. This habit helped him grow up to enjoy cuddling and see human touch as something normal.  

I also learned that a Blue Heeler puppy may become distant from us if he doesn’t receive much physical touch. When they grow up, they tend to reject cuddles. 

Encourage socialization

Socializing Blue Heelers is important because they are herding dogs. Without training, they may herd family members. 

When socializing your dogs, you can gradually introduce them to different people and encourage them to interact. This habit helps them become friendly and comfortable with individuals.

You can also introduce your Blue Heelers to other dogs. They learn how to communicate with their buddies, which is crucial for their social development.  

are heelers cuddly

Try to spend more time with your dogs


So are Blue Heelers cuddly? The answer varies. Some may often show affection toward everyone, while others seem wary of humans.

There are multiple reasons for their behaviors. If you want your pets to enjoy cuddling, follow the tips I shared above. The rule of thumb is to be patient. Your pets will indeed feel your love. 

Thank you for reading!

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