About Us

Welcome, all to dogcutiesHQ – The Blog About Dog Behaviors and Dog Breeds! dogcutiesHQ is the destination for everyone regardless of where you are from and what dog behaviors and breeds you are looking for!

Our mission

We are dog trainers and have spent years studying dogs and their behaviors. We have also found that, in the process of raising a dog, the owner often has a lot of questions about this animal, so we are here to address all of such questions.

At dogcutiesHQ, we take care of our dogs as ethically and kindly as possible. Positive reinforcement training is one of your beliefs in the process of training dogs. This training method includes praise, high-value rewards, and special patience. 

We promise to bring you the most authentic and useful information that we have learned during hours of studying and training dogs so that you can understand your dog’s behavior. 

Who are we?

My name is Luke Wintheiser – the founder of dogcutiesHQ. After months of consideration and preparation, I finally finished the last step to launch the site. 

The idea came to me while I was working at my pet center when people came and asked me a lot of questions about their dogs, and the questions repeated again and again. Then, I thought why not create a page to share what I know about dogs with more people from different places? That was the moment the idea came up. Right after that, I started learning how to create a website and came up with the name dogcutiesHQ which means the headquarters of all cute dogs. 

Accompanying me is Vincenza Kilback – my kindest coworker. Vincenza graduated from Brown University majoring in animal behavior and biology. Shortly after graduating, she joined a local animal rescue organization and started working with animals. Now, she joins me and is the author and main editor of most articles on dogcutiesHQ.com. 

There is also author Kaitlyn Wells, she is both in charge of writing articles and a fact-checker for all articles on DogCutiesHq. Kaitlyn Wells is now also a senior editor of the Pets category at Wirecutter.

How to take advantage of dogcutiesHQ?

For our readers to easily find the information they want, we sort all the articles into categories that appear on the menu bar. Which are:

  • Behavior: where you can find numerous response articles explaining the typical behavior of dogs. 
  • Breed: where you can find information on different dog breeds and their description. 

There is also a search box where you can type search keywords to quickly access the article. 

If you have any questions that need immediate responses, you can reach us through the live chat box. Me and Vincenza will take turns online to answer you promptly. 

Contact Information

– Phone: (1) 812-783-4015

– Address: 9 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013, USA

Email: dogcutieshq@gmail.com