Why Does My Dog Lick My Belly Button So Much?

It’s normal for your dog to lick his own belly area. The odd thing is that sometimes dogs like to lick people’s bellies. Are you wondering why your dog is doing this? Then read on this article to discover 7 reasons why your dog licks your belly button

They enjoy the taste of your body

Have you ever tasted your sweat? Does it taste salty? Right! Dogs love that salty taste, and that’s why they often lick your arms or legs when you’ve just finished working out. Since salt and sweat tend to accumulate more in your belly button, your dog will enjoy licking this area more than others.

why do dogs like belly buttons

Dog enjoying tasting hunan’s sweat and bacteria

Your dog is showing affection

If your dog regularly licks you after you get home, it’s because he’s excited to welcome you back, and licking is his way of showing you affection. Some will lick your arms or legs, others will prefer to lick your belly area. 

They detect some hormonal changes

If your dog suddenly has a new hobby of licking your belly button, chances are he has sensed a hormonal change in your body. This belly licking phenomenon usually occurs when female owners are pregnant. Accompanied by licking, your pet may also want to cuddle more or show a protective attitude toward you from those around you.

If you’ve ruled out the possibility of pregnancy, chances are the dog has detected something wrong with your belly button. Maybe it is some kind of disease. Dogs are special animals, they are born with a nose that can smell the smallest scents, so it is not surprising that they can help you detect a health problem through your scent. In fact, many studies have proved that dogs can detect many kinds of diseases through smell.

why does my dog lick my belly button

Dogs tend to lick pregnant women more

Your dog is bored

If your canine is bored, it will do everything to entertain itself including licking your belly button. 

They are hungry

One of the less likely but possible reasons why dogs lick your belly is because they are hungry. The salty sweat your body produces may help reduce their hunger a little. Some dogs like to lick their owner’s belly button before eating to increase the taste.

Your canine is anxious

If you and your dog have just moved to a new place and it starts licking you, he may be overwhelmed and afraid of his surroundings. This licking helps the dog feel more comfortable thanks to the release of endorphins. You can look at your dog’s body language to tell if he is anxious. For example, he could be panting, licking, with ears and tail tucked, or have whale eyes.

Dogs are trying to seek your attention

Another possibility for your dog to lick your belly area is because they want you to notice them. Even if it’s negative attention, your dog still considers it a kind of treat. 

They want you to smell like them

When dogs love you so much, they want you to smell like them to become closer. The dog licks your belly or other parts of your body to leave their scent on you.

When should I be concerned when my dog licks my belly button area?

In most cases, dogs love to lick your belly because they want to show affection, seek your attention, or taste the salt from your sweat. However, if you are pregnant or are having an open wound that is bleeding, you should stop the dog. 

Dogs licking open wounds will make the wound worse and become infected. In case you are pregnant, although there have been some studies that demonstrated your dog licking the mother’s belly does not affect the health of the fetus, you should not allow the dog to lick in case your canine gets so excited to scratch your stomach. 

(It is better not to allow your dog to lick your belly when you are pregnant)

why does my dog always lick my belly button

It is better not to allow your dog to lick your belly when you are pregnant

How to stop your dog from licking your belly

Say “NO” with a serious look at the dog, they will understand and stop immediately. For more stubborn dogs, you can distract them with a chew toy, turn on a TV show, or simply get up and walk away. Don’t forget to feed your dog because they may also be very hungry so they “eat” your belly. 

Try spraying a bitter-tasting solution on your stomach and let the dog taste it. Your canine  will remember that “your stomach does not taste good at all, it is very bitter, I will never lick it again.”


Your dog likes to lick your belly area mostly because they like the taste of your body, but besides that, it can also be a sign that you have some disease. If you suspect something more is coming, make an appointment with your doctor for a checkup.

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