Why does my dog hate another dog? – It’s not a usual problem.

You take your dog to the park in order to give him a chance to socialize with other dogs, but your canine starts aggressively barking, snarling, and lunging at them. You might be surprised and wonder why your pet hates its neighbor, while he is a usually friendly dog at home. This article will reveal the most possible reasons for “Why does my dog hate one dog?”. Read on!

Why does your dog hate another dog?

Dogs will exhibit aggressive behavior towards one another for these reasons:

Historical experience

Your dog seems to dislike other dogs because he had experienced a traumatic incident or inadequate socialization before. This could be, for example, an attack from another dog. That experience may have left a pain in the dog that made him always wary whenever he met a strange dog. Let’s recall the past to see if this is the root of the behavior.

why does my dog hate one dog

Dogs being attacked in the past tend to hate other dogs

Body language

Dogs communicate primarily with body language. Your canine will not like other dogs that have rude or threatening body language clues to it. Good examples of unfriendly non-verbal language in dogs are staring, bared teeth, or no greeting. 


Would you be surprised that you are one of the reasons your dog turns against other dogs? Indeed, protective dogs will react aggressively to scare other pets away from their humans. The other case would be that your canines love you so much, in an almost possessive way, that they may get jealous when they see you near another dog, and that’s when the threatening behaviors begin. 

Showing dominance

Many dogs like to mark their territory and become the sole ruler. They don’t like other dogs entering their area, and will exhibit threatening body language to drive away other dogs or force them into submission.

why does my dog hate only one dog

Your dog hate other dogs to display dominance

What to do if my dog hates one dog?

Having your dog being aggressive to others probably won’t cause much damage, but if you continue to ignore the behavior, it will cause big problems for the canine in the long run. There is no one solution that will work for all dogs, so you will have to dig deeper to find out what is the best and most effective solution. Here are some of the ways we are using to train our pets and maybe it will work on your pet, too. 

Redirect the dog’s attention

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stop a dog’s aggressive behavior is to direct its attention elsewhere, such as food or toys. Calling your dog’s name is also a way to direct the dog’s attention toward you.

Give your pet some treats for good behavior

Some studies have shown that positive training with rewards will make your dog obey you more than punishments. Reward your dog in front of other dogs if he behaves well so that he understands he is doing the right thing and that you are happy about it. However, remember not to overfeed the dog as this can cause obesity. 

why does my dog hate one dog 2

Giving your pup treats if it behaves well

Give some space

If your dog doesn’t like another dog, the best thing you can do is create a space between them. You can do this by shortening the leash and pulling the dog close to you. Don’t force your dog to react positively to a dog he doesn’t like, it will only make the situation worse. Keep in mind the dog your dog doesn’t like so that the next time you see it, you’ll be prepared by choosing a different path or creating enough space for the dog to focus.

Getting help

If this isn’t the first time your dog has growled at other dogs, and you’ve tried everything but he still doesn’t like socializing with other pups around, it’s time to get help from a veterinary behaviorist. Another way to prevent this dislike from becoming an issue is to take your pup to a socialization class. During training, your dog will get to know many other dogs at a safe distance. Over time, it will gradually get used to the sight and presence of other pups and become less aggressive when it comes to dogs they don’t like. 

Final thought

There may be someone you don’t like very much because of his/her appearance, personality, or gesture. The same thing happens to canines. There are some dogs who don’t like one another. This causes the pet owner to wonder why my dog doesn’t like another dog

It could be because they experienced a bad historical event with another dog, or because the other dog showed some threatening body language. Another reason is to protect its owner from other canines. Whatever the reason is, what you need to do as a pet parent is to prevent the aggressive behavior from getting worse by drawing the dog’s attention to you, rewarding good behavior, or having your pet trained. 

We hope this article can provide you with some useful information. Wishing you and your canine happy and peaceful moments with other dogs!

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