Do Dogs Get Tired From Barking? Why & How to Stop The Noise?

If a dog never barks, it will no longer be called a dog. Barking is a characteristic of dogs. There are some dogs that bark occasionally. Some others bark so constantly that their owners wonder, “Do dogs get tired from barking?”

Remember that your dog barks for a reason and if you want to stop the noises you have to know what the cause is. This article will explain why your dog barks excessively and how they can do it continuously without getting tired. We will also give you some solutions that can reduce or stop your dog’s excessive barking.

Do dogs ever get tired of barking?

do dogs get tired of barking

Dog barking is a way of communication

Dogs do not get tired of barking. This is a behavior you can see in any dog. Barking looks like it takes a lot of energy because the dog has to tense up and shiver when barking, but to them, they even love doing this because it is just how they communicate and exchange information. And what they love to do, they will never get tired.

Quite often, dogs bark to get what they want like food or toys or your attention. However, there are several cases reported at dogcutiesHQ that dogs still bark even when their owners give them what they want. Here are a few other reasons for this phenomenon.

Why do dogs bark excessively?

One thing to remember is that dogs never bark just to hear themselves. There is always a reason behind their non-stop barking. If you can properly address the issue, you can stop the noise right away. Now, let’s take a look at what causes the dogs to bark excessively.

Alarm Barking

Dogs have an instinct to protect their owners. When there is a strange visitor, the dog will bark non-stop to signal you. There are many documented cases where the dogs in the house soon discovered the thieves and barked constantly causing the ‘unknown visitor” to give up his plan. In addition, dogs bark to signal bad weather is coming, such as a heavy storm. 

Angry barking

can dogs get tired of barking

Dogs bark because they hate another dog

When your dog hates another dog, it will bark continuously at that dog. This barking is intended to intimidate the other dog in order to force him to either leave or submit to your dog. This bark is usually very loud and accompanied by a fierce face to show your canine’s anger.

Territorial Barking

When another dog or an unknown person approaches your dog’s territory, it will bark to assert dominance until the outsider leaves. This bark is usually accompanied by a stiff tail. 

Bored or lonely barking

If left alone at home for too long, the dog will get bored and start barking as if they were crying. If you come back and find a messy room, and your neighbor keeps complaining about your dog’s barking, most likely this is the case when your dog barks because it is too bored while its companion is away at work.

Your dog bark to seek attention

do dogs get tired from barking

Dogs bark when they detect something

If your dog barks at you, they are trying to get your attention. Your pet wants your attention for many reasons. It is probably hungry, bored, thirsty, uncomfortable with the weather, or sick. Your canine will bark until you put the phone down, figure out what the problem is and give him the thing he wants. 

Separation Anxiety

Dogs are companion-based animals, so the lack of attention from the owner and loneliness can lead to separation anxiety which manifests itself by excessive barking, whining, howling, and other destructive behaviors. 

Your dog is finding something new

I live in a house, next to a forest. One day while cooking in the kitchen, I heard Tinny – my dog barking a lot in the direction under the couch. I went closer and checked to see if there was a problem and discovered a snake. I had to scream and call the animal rescue center to handle that snake. Tinny saved me with her bark. Notice when your dog barks non-stop to a corner in the house, he has detected something. Then carefully check the area the dog is barking into. 

Ways to stop your dog from barking

It is important that you know what is the cause of the excessive barking. Once you have found the reason, finding the solution is easy. When the dog gets what it wants, the reason for the barking is addressed, it will stop. For example, if your canines love to go for a walk, and bark to beg you to take them outside, let them outside! 

Or if your pup just barks at every stranger passing by the window, then close the curtain. You should never yell or punish your dog, because it will make the situation worse, and your pup will bark even more. 

If the reason is that your dog is bored, give him something to play such as a toy to chew, or consider playing some games with him. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should my dog bark?

According to a study published in the New Zealand Veterinary Journal, a dog living in suburban area bark on average 4-5 times in 8 hours and each bark will last 30 secs.

An acceptable level of barking should fall somewhere around 5 minutes per hour, and the barking should not exceed four times a day. Barking is said to be excessive when it goes on continuously for 30 minutes or 1 hour or more. Barking late at night after 10 o’clock is not acceptable.

Can I use muzzles to stop the dog from barking?

The muzzle is used to control the dog when going out to ensure the safety of those around. It can also help to keep the pup quieter, but we don’t recommend this to stop the barking because it makes the dog uncomfortable, and unable to breathe, eat or drink.

What dog breeds bark the most?

There are dog breeds that bark more than others such as terriers, herding dogs, and hounds which are bred to assist humans in herding or hunting activities. These dogs bark a lot to alert their owners about the prey they found or a potential threat. 

Barking is a typical activity that dogs do every day, and they won’t get tired of barking because this is their way of communication. If you find your dog barks so much that you can’t concentrate on work, or your neighbors keep complaining about the noise, let’s find out the reason, and once the reason is addressed, the dog will stop barking.