How Big Do Red Heeler Dogs Get? – Are They Good House Dogs?

The Red Heeler, also known as Australian Cattle Dog, Bue Heeler, or Queensland heeler, is a breed of sheepdog favored by Australian ranchers because of its outstanding personality and physical characteristics. Despite being working dogs, they can still be great family dogs thanks to their fun-loving and playful personality.

However, it is also essential to know how big do red heeler dogs get? and whether they are suitable for your space and lifestyle. This article will provide you with complete information about this breed.

How big will a red heeler get?

The size of the Red heeler is different between male and female dogs. Male dogs are larger than female dogs with a height and weight range of 17-20 inches and 35-40 pounds respectively, while female dogs fall between 17-19 inches in height and 35-40 pounds in weight. 

how big does a male red heeler get

Male Red Heelers are usually more densely boned and have a greater length than height. Some males have a special structure that will have a shorter tail than usual. Female dogs have a smaller bone structure but are just as strong and determined as male dogs. Females also have a length greater than height with a ratio of 10/9. 

How to recognize the Red Heeler?

What makes Red Heelers stand out from other breeds is the coat. They have red hairs interspersed with white hairs. In addition, these dogs also have solid patches of white color throughout their bodies or faces. Their eyes are small, oval, black, and very alert. 

This breed is medium in size. The body is muscular but compact. The muscles are heavily distributed around the neck, legs, and shoulders to help these sheepdogs work long hours in farms.


As a working dog, the Australian cattle dog tends to be high-energy. And because they have so much energy, they need lots of exercise and stimulation every day. If you plan to keep these dogs indoors, then you also need to prepare a large enough yard for them to run and release energy. 

To serve herding work, these dogs also develop intelligence and independence. As a result, they will be trusted by ranchers and given more tasks that dogs are excited to do. 

how big does a red heeler dog get

Red Heelers are playful. They almost never tire and that makes them a great companion for kids. Imagine one day you feel tired and can’t play with the kids, this Queensland Heeler can play with the children for you. But make sure you keep an eye on them as red heelers can get excitable and start nipping at the heels of children.

The Australian Cattle dogs are also loyal and devoted to their families. If they are not busy chasing livestock, they will love to stick to their owners. You may also find this breed highly protective. The ACD can protect you from danger, or bark to notify you of danger without your commands. 

Although muscular and intelligent, Red Heelers can sometimes be quite timid when in a new situation where there are strangers or animals they are not familiar with.

Red Heelers Health Problem Related to Size

Size is a strong point of this breed in terms of work, but when it comes to health, large size coupled with a lot of running makes them susceptible to typical musculoskeletal diseases such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. This type of disease can even be seen in young-aged ACD. 

how big does a red heeler get

This problem occurs when the hip joint becomes dislocated and the socket no longer covers the ball part of the upper thighbone. Unfortunately, this health problem cannot be completely cured through surgery or supplements.

The dog after being treated cannot function normally as it used to. The best way to prevent this is through maintaining a healthy weight and exercising at a moderate level.

Is Red Heeler your great companion?

Red Heelers are good house dogs since they are great with kids and are perfect for guarding your house. However, as mentioned before, these dogs have an active lifestyle so they require to exercise every day. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and someone who likes working out, then this is the perfect breed for you. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that, while this breed is smart and can learn new tricks quickly, they still need firm guidance from you on socialization from a young age. 

The Bottom Line

Maybe you searched the question how big do red heelers get? and found this article. I’m glad you read the article until the end and got the information you need. Like any other dog, Red Heelers can make a great companion for you in the future.

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