How Often to Feed a Great Dane Puppy? (Handy Feeding Chart)

The Great Dane is famous for its muscular body and outstanding height. However, this breed has a relatively short lifespan, about less than 10 years, which is why you need to pay attention to their growth stage, especially nutrition. Knowing what proper food is and how much to feed will help prolong the life of your dog. This article will provide information on “How often to feed a Great Dane puppy?”  as well as food suggestions for this giant guy.

How Often Should You Feed a Great Dane Puppy?

how often should i feed my great dane puppy

A two-month-old Great Dane puppy is eating his food

Great Dane puppies in the growing stage need 2500 – 3000 calories a day and they need to be fed 2-3 meals depending on their age (in months). You can refer to the chart below to create a feeding schedule and stick to it.

Age (months) Meals/day Amount/day
2 3 2 – 4 cups
3 3 3 – 5 cups
4 3 4 – 6 cups
5 2 5 – 7 cups
6 2 6 – 8 cups
7 2 6 – 9 cups
8 2 6 – 9 cups
9 2 7 – 10 cups
10-12 2 7 – 10 cups
13 – 18 (females) 2 6 – 9 cups
13 – 18 (males) 2 7 – 10 cups

Make sure you feed your dogs enough so that they are not too skinny or overweight. 

Food recommendations for Great Dane puppies

Choosing food for Great Dane puppies is significant. According to scientific studies, the skeleton of a Great Dane dog keeps developing until he reaches 18 months old. During this time, if you feed your pup calcium-rich food, he is more likely to have orthopedic problems. 

If you do not have much experience in caring for large breeds, it is best to consult a veterinarian. You need to ensure a nutritious diet that does not lead to overweight and obesity. One type of dry food for large breed dogs that I recommend is IAMS – Proactive Health Large Breed Puppy Food.

This food contains Omega-3 DHA to support brain development, real chicken, and 22 ingredients found in mother dog’s milk. This is the most complete and suitable food for the development of a dog like the Great Dane.  

how often should you feed a great dane puppy

IAMS – Proactive Health Large Breed Puppy Food – most recommended food for large breeds

How Much to Feed a Great Dane Puppy Per Day?

After choosing the right food, it is important to know how much much to feed your little Dane. Almost all Great Dane puppies have similar developmental stages. Their food intake should be divided into stages by age (month) and gender (you can see details in the table above). 

Female dogs should start from the bottom of the range in the “amount/day” column and then slowly increase the cups for the following months. While male pups should start in the middle of the range. 

Can A Great Dane Puppy Eat Human Foods?

Great Danes can eat some human foods such as beef, turkey, chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and some dairy products. However, you must control the amount in moderation because this breed is easy to gain weight.

Besides, you should also note some human foods that Great Dane dogs are not allowed to eat are chocolate, caffeine, grapes and raisins, onion and garlic, alcohol, and raw bread dough.

how often to feed great dane puppy

Bloat – How to reduce?

Bloating is quite common in dogs as their stomachs become distended because of the gas produced during the digestion of food. Without prompt veterinary treatment, a dog suffering from bloat will go into shock and die quickly.

Unfortunately, Great Dane is prone to bloat. If you notice that your dog’s belly is turning bigger than usual and he feels uncomfortable and can’t lie still, he is suffering from bloat. Remember not to feed your dog just before or after exercise as this will increase the risk.

Here are some other tips to help minimize the risk of bloat in Great Danes.

– Limit treats and table scraps

– Clean the food bowl after each use

– Feed your dog at least an hour before or after exercise

– Always keep the dog’s food bowl at the dog’s shoulder height when feeding.


The Great Dane is a giant breed, and they need a lot of nutrients during their growth, but that doesn’t mean you can feed them as much as you want. If they eat too much, they will become obese, but if they eat too little, the dogs will not have enough energy to function and grow.

So it is extremely important to know how much and often to feed a Great Dane and this article has addressed your question. Let’s follow the feeding chart provided in this article for a healthy and long-living dog!

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