How To Get Blue Heeler To Stop Biting? 3 Best Methods To Try

Are you struggling with your Blue Heelers’ biting behavior? I totally get it because I’ve been there too! So I learned a lot to stop this habit. 

How to get Blue Heeler to stop biting? I’m so excited to share what I have done to help my pet now. Trust me! It’s not as daunting as it may seem.

Let’s scroll down to find out!

How To Get Blue Heeler To Stop Biting? 

You can try multiple ways to get your Blue Heeler to stop biting. The best ones are time-out, environment, and know-commands methods. 

All three methods aim to change the Blue Heeler’s behavior by giving them alternatives. Plus, I use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior while discouraging biting.

Here is how to train a Blue Heeler not to bite! Please read on and choose the most practical training method for your dogs. 

Time-out method

The first method is time-out. This approach focuses on leaving your dog alone when he does something wrong. Although it is a form of punishment, you won’t be harsh on your pets.

When my Blue Heelerbites, I calmly take him out of the room without scaring or shouting at him. He just stays in a toy-free room for 30 seconds. After that, I let him rejoin me.

If he doesn’t quit biting, I repeat the process but extend the period by 30 seconds each time. I also reward my dog for gently playing and speaking softly to him during his playtime. 

Consistency is the key to this training method. Each dog is unique, so you should try to apply different ways to suit your pet’s needs.  

Environment method

The surrounding environment affects a Blue Heeler’s behaviors. So, I use this characteristic to train my pet not to bite. 

First, I ensure my dog receives daily walks to combat his boredom and use his excess energy. I also give him a private space, like his own bed. This comfortable space can reduce the likelihood of biting. 

Besides, I introduce food puzzles to distract my Blue Heeler. When enjoying the food, he won’t want to bite anything else. 

Another idea you can try is tug-of-war play. This method helps to limit his aggression and teaches him the appropriate behaviors. 

Monitoring a dog’s excitement levels is essential, too. When he becomes too excited and prone to biting, I give him a few minutes to calm down. 

Know-commands method

Obedience training is effective in dealing with biting behavior. After this training session, they will be more likely to respond to instructions. 

I recommend starting with something simple, like “sit down” and “stand up.” Then, progress to more challenging commands.

The most important commands to practice are “down” and “leave it.” I teach my Blue Heeler what it means to leave something alone. It’s an easy-to-understand command that discourages biting. 

When trying this method, react consistently every time you give your pets a command. Also, redirect their mindset from “bite” to “listen.” Over time, they become familiar with your instructions. 

how to get my blue heeler to stop biting

Three methods to stop Blue Heelers from biting

Tips For Training a Blue Heeler Not To Bite 

The three methods above can help you train your pet not to bite. Here are some additional tips for addressing his biting behavior:

  • Puppy classes: Your pets can receive structured training. They will also have a chance to interact with other dogs in a controlled environment.
  • No punishment-based methods: If you use aversive techniques, like nose tapping or scruff shaking your poor pets will have negative consequences. He may even show defensive aggression. 
  • Gentle mouthing: If your Blue Heeler always has some bite inhibition, teach him to mouth gently using kibble or treats. You can hold the treats between your thumb and middle finger. And when he mouths your hand softly, praise him.

how to get blue heeler puppy to stop biting

Tips to train your pets

Why Do Blue Heelers Bite? 

My pet used to bite a lot. I also found out that other Blue Heelers had the same habit. Here are the reasons why:

  • Herding instinct: Blue Heelers are herding dogs by nature. Hence, nipping and controlling other animals are their instincts. This herding behavior can sometimes become biting tendencies. 
  • Intelligence: Blue Heelers are intelligent. Thus, they can learn cause-and-effect relationships quickly. If they realize biting can lead to a reward, such as play to treats, they may continue to bite. 
  • Lack of socialization: Insufficient socialization during their first stages may lead to their biting behaviors. In some cases, they become anxious and bite defensively. 
  • Training issues: If you train your pets improperly or don’t train them at all, biting may become their habit. 
  • Fear: Fear is a significant driver of bites. The dogs that experience anxiety and phobias are more prone to display aggressive behaviors when they perceive a threat.

how to get your blue heeler to stop biting

Blue Heelers may bite for some reason

Is It Normal For Blue Heelers To Bite? 

It depends on the reason why Blue Heelers bite. I have mentioned the possible cases above, so let’s discuss each. 

First, if your Blue Heelers bite due to their herding instinct, it’s normal, especially when they are still puppies. They may learn bite inhibition from their mothers or littermates around their eighth month. 

Besides, Blue Heelers don’t stop biting because of poor training. In this case, do not worry! You need time to train your pets. And if things don’t get better, ask experts for help. 

Finally, if your dogs bite because they are anxious about something, then it’s not normal. As a responsible owner, find out why your dogs behave like that. 

how do you stop a blue heeler from biting

Consider the reason for their bites


How to get Blue Heeler to stop biting? You can try the time-out, environment, and know-command methods. The key is to be patient and gentle with your pets.

Blue Heelers bite for some reason. I believe that you can give your pets what they need as long as you care enough about them.

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