Why Does My Blue Heeler Follow Me Everywhere? 9 Reasons Explained!

Like other herding breeds, Blue Heelers, also known as Australian Cattle Dogs, are highly devoted to their owners.

They frequently have a close relationship with all family members with whom they spend most of their time.

They are excellent running or trekking partners because of this. However, their loyalty can occasionally be excessive.

You may find that the puppies of this breed are relatively clingy if you have adopted some. 

They may become reliant on their caretakers socially because of their innate need to guard and be near other pets.

If you own these dogs for the first time, you may ask, Why does my Blue Heeler follow me everywhere?”

Let’s dive into this article to get the explanations and tips to help your pets become more independent!

Why Does My Blue Heeler Follow Me Everywhere? 

Blue Heelers are devoted and loyal to their caregivers and have a high level of socialization. Separation anxiety is also a problem for them.

They may always follow you because they aren’t confident as well as want to protect their owners. 

Below are the primary reasons why your Blue Heelers are overly clingy. Let’s scroll down to discover!


Most Blue Heelers often seek out their owners for enjoyment and entertainment when bored.

When you see your pets follow you during the day, they are bored and hope you will take them outside to play with them. 

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Health Issue

These canines seek their owners’ attention and care when unwell or encountering health problems.

If you see your pets following you all day, they may want to tell you that they aren’t feeling well. 

When they get sick, they also may be near their owners to seek protection and safety to make them feel better. 


Do you provide your dogs with enough food to meet their dietary requirements? If not, they will follow you as a way to ask for more food. 

These dogs are energetic and active, so they need more food than other breeds. Therefore, you must ensure to feed them sufficiently. 


Blue Heelers are devoted, loving dogs who hanker after their owners’ attention and care.

The breeders first procreate these canines as herding dogs to look after other animals on their farm. 

They may be extremely loving and excessively protective of their owners due to this instinct. That’s why your pets want to follow you everywhere. 

These pets will find that keeping an eye on their owners is their responsibility to protect you from danger.


Separation Anxiety

As previously noted, these dogs are faithful and always want to spend time with their care keepers. Thus, they constantly worry about being without them.

If your pets are clingy to you, it may mean they are scared of you disappearing and leaving them alone. 

Blue Heelers are unable to handle separation anxiety. Things will get worse if you abruptly leave these pets unattended for an extended time.


One of the biggest reasons why your dogs follow you everywhere in most breeds, including Blue Heelers, is stress. 

Your canines will become anxious and stressed when you relocate to a different place.

Immediately after moving into a new home, the dogs won’t feel comfortable and will only approach you for comfort and security.

Insufficient Exercise

Blue Heelers are energetic dogs who need to be active. Thus, they require playtime and regular exercise to keep your pets occupied.

These canines will quickly become bored if you do not give them enough exercise time to release excess energy. 

why does my blue heeler follow me everywhere

Insufficient exercise

Lack Of Confidence

Most pets experience insecurity, especially after relocating to a new location or welcoming a new addition to the family.

Your pets will become more clingy to you in the home due to a lack of self-assurance. They do that to feel at ease and comfortable.

The Behavior Of Owners

The clinginess of Blue Heelers is already their instinct; putting them entirely reliant on you will make it worse.

Your dogs won’t be capable of learning to be left alone. If you try to leave them alone, these pets will become anxious.

Owners of these dogs, who often reward them with treats, also foster clinging behavior.

As a result, your dogs will be clingy to you to satisfy their desire for more affection and rewards.

If you have a habit of keeping your pet nearby, this behavior will make them even more independent, and they always want to be with you everywhere. 

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The behavior of owners

Is It Good Or Bad If My Blue Heeler Keeps Following Me Around? 

It depends on your preference and lifestyle. If you love keeping your pets around, it’s good behavior. 

Many people prefer to run or go for a walk with their Blue Heelers as these dogs are energetic and active.

However, many people find this conduct unpleasant and disruptive to their regular schedule.

If you don’t like this conduct, it’s best to carefully research this breed’s temperament before adopting some. 

Mainly, your pets’ behaviors depend on genetics and training, and these dogs are more clingy to their owners than others. 

Do you want to experience private time alone? If yes, these canines are not the perfect choice, as they will follow you for many reasons. 

When these pets get older, they may always want to be by your side since they seek protection and safety. 

It can signify illness when you notice your Blue Heelers suddenly get more clingy than usual. The best solution is to consult with a vet. 

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Blue Heeler

How To Teach My ACD To Become More Independent?

Having loyal dogs is the best experience, but it’s not unpleasant if they are overly attached. 

When you see your pets’ behaviors disturb your daily life, here are some solutions to help them become more independent. Let’s see!


Although Blue Heelers are simple to teach, they need limits to become autonomous.

During training, establish clear limits so that your pets will understand when it’s OK to obey you or when it is not.

If you want more tips for training this breed, you can watch this video:


With the correct socialization, your dogs won’t be timid around other animals or people and won’t follow you for care and attention.

They may be more comfortable and open to interacting with others and animals. They won’t mind spending brief amounts of time alone.


If your dogs follow you out of separation anxiety, provide them plenty of love and confidence that you will return even if they can’t accompany you.

Be careful not to spoil your dogs since this will only reinforce their belief that they depend on you for treats and comfort.

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Tips for making dogs more independent

The Bottom Line

Why does my blue heeler follow me everywhere? Your pets want to cling to you due to boredom, hunger, love, stress, healthy issues, or separation anxiety. 

This behavior, good or bad, depends on your preference and lifestyle. If you appreciate privacy, it isn’t comforting. 

Blue Heelers are the ideal choice if you love your pets always being around you. Research carefully before getting some.

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