What Is A Blue Heeler Mixed With? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Blue Heelers, also called Australian Cattle Dogs, are a breed of herding dog that is well-known for their ferocity and intensity.

They are one of the most outstanding herding dogs. Thus, they are the best guardians of farms.

Besides, these canines are also the best companion for your family as they are loyal, watchful, and friends with your children. 

Like other breeds, these dogs have wide varieties. So, what is a Blue Heeler mixed with

Let’s click on this article to know its origin and some popular Blue Heeler mixes if you want to adopt one!

A Brief History Of Blue Heeler

In 1840, George Elliott, an Australian breeder, developed Blue Heelers, or Australian Cattle Dogs, by mixing Dingoes with Collies or other working dogs. 

The Australian ranchers and cattlemen appreciated the breed’s tenacity and work ethic. These dogs rapidly gained favor as livestock herders.

The Australian Cattle Dog is the official breed name recognized by the American Kennel Club. The word “Blue Heeler” is a nickname for blue-coated dogs rather than a formal name for this breed.

Although they seem shorter than taller because of their shorthaired coats, these dogs may grow to be over 20 inches in height.

This dog breed is also famous by other names such as Australian Heelers or Queensland Heelers.

what are blue heelers mixed with

Blue Heeler

What Is A Blue Heeler Mixed With?

Texas Heeler, commonly referred to as the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix, is a mixed canine.

Its parents are the widespread Australian breeds Australian Cattle Dog and Australian Shepherd.

The Texas Heelers are a friendly group fiercely loyal to their clan. Besides, they are protective of their stuff. 

This hybrid also belongs to the herding dog breed. Thus, the dogs in this lineage may not be suitable for families having small children. 

These canines are also highly active and energetic, which makes them ideal companions for households with large yards or farms.

Although this hybrid is widespread, there is little information about its origin. People assume these dogs were first bred in the 1970s in Texas. 

Because of its unclear root, it’s better to check the breed’s parents to predict its temperament. 

what is a blue heeler a mix of

Blue Heeler mix

Blue Heeler Quick Facts 

Here are some facts about Blue Heelers you should know before getting some mixed breeds:

The breed name of Blue Heelers is the American Cattle Dog. They are sturdy, solid, compact canines with an attentive, work-ready attitude.

They have curled, dangling tails, are somewhat prolonged than tall, and have solid necks, large, slightly rounded heads, and sharp ears.

Their thick, weather-proof coats are available in red-speckled, blue-mottled, blue, and blue-speckled variations, each with the potential for tan or dark patterns.

  • Weight: 35 to 45 (pounds)
  • Height: 17 to 20 (inches)
  • Traits: Intelligent, resourceful, active, alert, hard-working, protective

Due to these traits, these dogs are compatible with specific owners, including

  • Singles
  • Cattle breeders
  • Hunters
  • Active, sporty people
  • Families

These canines are energetic and clever, meaning they don’t want to stay home all day long. Instead, they prefer outside activities, exercise, and work. 

what is a blue heeler mix dog

Facts about the breed

What Are The Most Popular Blue Heeler Mixes?

Here are several cute Blue Heeler hybrids that display the presence of a Blue Heeler mixed with another species. Let’s see!

Blue Tzu Heeler

The parents of this mix are the Tibetan Shih Tzu and the Australian Cattle Dog (ACD). 

This hybrid boasts the signature fur of the ACD and outstanding temperaments like enthusiastic and energetic nature. 

Box Heeler

These dogs are the offspring of the ACD and Boxer. As a result, these canines are inherently curious and friendly. 

They can grow to a maximum height of 25 inches and have short fur that looks like a painting with many different colors.

Dalmatian Heeler

They are the result of a cross between the Dalmatian and ACD. They own the most outstanding features from their parents. 

These dogs are loyal, sensitive, playful, and kind. They also require socialization, interaction, and attention from their owners. 

what is a blue heeler mixed with

Dalmatian Heeler

Heeler Pei

This hybrid has a unique pedigree thanks to its extraordinary ACD and Chinese Shar-Pei parents.

They are reliable in any circumstance due to their reputation for having a high brain and a perfect sense of navigation.


These canines are the offspring of American Eskimo and ACD. Thus, they also have a long, velvety coat.

These dogs are also brilliant and curious about strangers. However, they are loyal, friendly, and protective of family members.

Cattle Collie

These dogs are a mix of the Australian Cattle Dog and Collie. They are keen and receptive, making them the ideal companion for any family. 

Texas Heeler

The puppy of this mix is highly reliable and incredibly clever and energetic.

They are excellent companions for households with vast backyards or farms because they are hard-working.


Unlike its working-dog ancestors, this hybrid is a species of family pet. They make a great walking, running, or trekking companions.

These crossed dogs are active, affectionate, energetic, and staunch loyalists like their parents. 

Golden Cattle 

This cross develops an equal temperament and a love of fun by bringing out the most outstanding traits of both parents.

what are blue heelers mixed with

Golden Cattle

Cattle Shepherd

In addition to being excellent companions, Cattle Shepherds are also excellent guardians and working dogs.

Corgi Cattle 

This hybrid is a herding powerhouse with two of the most excellent parents in the breed. Despite being small, they have just as much spirit.

Bernese Cattle 

Due to their friendly nature, these dogs are great for playing with children. They have a keen intellect as well, making training them simple.

If you want to know some training exercises for your dogs, you can watch this video:

Basset Heeler

These canines are very clever hybrids with a lot of energy that must constantly be active.

what is a blue heeler a mix of

Basset Heeler


These canines need to start socializing early. They are also brilliant and active, so it’s easy to train them. 

Boston Cattle 

These crossed canines are muscular dogs, much like their parents, but active and playful. They are smart, so you must be firm if you want them to obey the rules. 

Final Thoughts

The Blue Heeler mix can own the most outstanding features of the parents. These canines are clever, playful, energetic, and loyal to their owners. 

However, some hybrids are not suitable for playing with small children. If you plan to adopt one, it’s best to research their temperaments carefully.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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