How Many Puppies Can A Blue Heeler Have? Everything You Need To Know

Having an energetic dog like a Blue Heeler must be an interesting experience. If one is not enough for you, your pet will give you more. 

But how many puppies can a Blue Heeler have?  You can find the answer in this post. We will also reveal some factors that influence your pet’s fertility. 

So let’s scroll down to discover! 

How Many Puppies Can A Blue Heeler Have?

We can’t tell the exact number of puppies a Blue Heeler can have throughout her lifespan. Yet, when narrowing it down to a litter or a year, you will find the answer. 

How Many Puppies In A Blue Heeler Litter? 

The average litter size for Blue Heelers is 5 puppies. But the dog may also give birth to 1 to 7 pups. 

The mother’s age also affects the litter size. For example, if your Blue Heeler is two to six years old, she may give birth to six puppies. 

But when she gets older, the litter size will be five. Please note that all the numbers we mention are on average.  

How Many Puppies Can A Blue Heeler Have Each Year? 

For Blue Heelers, the mating period lasts around 3 weeks and happens twice a year. Hence, your pet may have up to 14 puppies yearly.  

The size of springtime litter seems to be larger than that of other seasons. The gap is not significant, though. 

how many puppies can a blue heeler have

A Blue Heeler can give birth to one to seven puppies in a litter

Can You Guess How Many Blue Heeler Puppies Through The Mother’s Nipples? 

No. It’s a long-held belief that a dog’s nipple count can estimate the size of her litter. However, this idea isn’t accurate. 

Dogs usually have eight to ten nipples, whether they are small or large, female or male. The exact number varies. 

Consulting your veterinarian is the only way to tell exactly how many puppies your pet will have. He will use ultrasound, palpation, or X-rays for this task. 

How To Tell When A Female Blue Heeler Is Ready For The First Litter?

Dogs usually go into heat between the ages of 6 and 12 months. 

To ensure that they are mentally and physically mature enough to care for their puppies, they don’t breed until their third heat. After the first heat, they often have another heat every six months.

Many breeders allow their pets to pass through health tests to ensure they won’t be carrying on genetic health concerns to the puppies.

Blue Heeler owners often examine their dogs for deafness, PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), an eye condition, and hip dysplasia.

how many puppies does a blue heeler have

Make sure that your pet is ready

What Affects How Many Puppies A Blue Heeler Will Have? 

The number of puppies a Blue Heeler can have depends on several factors. 


Bigger dogs often give bigger litter sizes. For example, the German Shepherd typically has eight puppies in one litter but can produce anywhere from one to fifteen.

Conversely, smaller breeds produce smaller litters. The average litter size for a Chihuahua is three pups.

The Blue Heeler of medium size may give birth to one to seven puppies. The number somehow varies because of the pet’s size. 

Mating method

Natural mating yields bigger litter sizes than artificial methods. Even when you use fresh or fresh-chilled semen for artificial insemination, there will be a 15% reduction in litter size. If you use frozen semen, the reduction will be 25%. 


The age of the mother is the most significant factor in breeding dogs. The age of your Blue Heeler and her litter size is often as follows:

  • 2 years old: 5-7 puppies/litter
  • 3-5 years old: 4-8 puppies/litter
  • 6-7 years old: 3-8 puppies/litter
  • 8 years old: 2-8 puppies/litter
  • 9 years old: 1-8 puppies/litter

The sire’s age will also determine the litter size. When a dog turns five years old, the quality of its sperm starts to decline.

Dogs are most likely to have litter between the ages of 1 and 5. Any litter they have beyond that time is likely to have a smaller number of pups.


The dog’s physical condition may also impact her fertility and, accordingly, the litter size. She must be in good health if you wish to breed a Blue Heeler.

Your pet should be immunized to date and free of any chronic illnesses. Besides, she needs a healthy weight. 

Time of the year

Compared to litter delivered in the summer, those born in the spring are bigger. However, the difference is generally not much.

how many puppies do blue heelers have

Factors that affect the litter size


Your Blue Heeler can give you one to seven puppies per litter. You need to pay attention to your pet’s health, age, size, and mating method for bigger litter sizes. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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