How to House Train a Basset Hound? – The Most Effective Tips

Basset Hounds are friendly and easygoing dogs that are great indoors with other pets and small children. However, these dogs are quite stubborn when it comes to potty training. Your dog probably posed a few extra challenges that’s why you’re here to read this article on how to house train a basset hound. Without further ado, here are methods for you!

How to potty train a Basset Hound?

The most important thing you need to know to successfully house train your dog is identifying signs your fur friend has to go potty. These signs include roaming the house, sniffing and reaching for the areas of past accidents, scratching the floor or door, and lifting his leg. 

Once you see one of these signs, take the dog outside immediately. If you’re in the middle of something and can’t be there to watch your basset, bring a crate. Don’t forget to bring a box of treats your dog likes to praise him after he finishes his business.

how to house train a basset hound puppy

The Basset Hound is equipped with a very powerful sniffer which is beneficial for hunting but challenging for potty training as their nose can sniff out even the smallest traces of old accidents. To prevent your dog from finding his old spot, completely eliminate the smell of old accidents with the right type of products such as Nature’s Miracle or Zero Odor Pet Stain Removers. This product will completely deodorize instead of masking smells. 

Say “NO” to the dog

Keep an eye on your basset, whenever it shows signs it’s about to go potty, say “NO” and “Let’s go outside”, then take him outside. Don’t use a loud voice as if you are shouting at the dog as that will increase the anxiety and probability of future accidents. 

 When you take the dog out, it may not poop or pee right away because you have interrupted him, so wait patiently until they finally go potty and give the treat. Giving rewards helps the dog understand that they did the right thing and will continue next time. 

 This method requires time and patience as you must keep an eye on the dog, but once this furry friend picks up the new potty habit, it won’t be easily changed and you will truly be relieved. Expect to be patient with your basset with this method for a period of at least a month. If there is no improvement, let’s try another method.

Create a schedule

Set up a schedule with columns for time, poop, pee, and note. In the “Note” column, write down what the dog did when it went potty. After a day, review the schedule and come up with an average amount of time you need to take the dog outside.

how to breed basset hounds at home 

If your dog has just finished eating or has had a large drink, do expect toilet time may not be on schedule. At that time, you need to take him out after 10 minutes of eating/drinking. Every time you take your basset hound out, say “let’s go outside”.

Start training early

It will be easier if you start training your Basset hound the first day you bring it home. As soon as you bring the dog home, leave them outside until they go potty before taking him inside the house. This way, they will have the first accident spot and that will be the smell traces for future accidents. 

 It is a good idea when to create potty cues such as “let’s go potty” or “let’s go outside”. Your dog won’t understand unless you associate the phrases with the activity and repeat it over and over. Your canine will get used to the sound you make. Every time he hears that sound, he knows what to do next. It is also important to remember that you should use the same phrase each time you take your pup outside. 

 Besides, set a timer to remind you to take the dog out. Setting a schedule is like creating a biological clock, your Basset hound will remember his outing time and will go out on its own when it wants to go potty. 

Create a Potty Area

Choose a suitable spot in the garden to make your dog’s new bathroom. But how does the basset hound find that location? Remember how the dog found the areas of past accidents? We can take advantage of this by placing some previous poops in the designated potty area. 

how to potty train basset hound puppy

If you potty train your dog indoors using pee pads, the same principle applies to making the pee pad smell like a bathroom.

Some Notes When House Training Your Basset Hound

  • Be gentle and patient with your assets because they are stubborn but very sensitive. The more you scold him for the accident, the more stubborn the dog will be and less trusting of you. What will happen is that the dog will start peeing and pooping around when you are not present. Your training will then be even more deadlocked.
  • Always reward your basset hound puppy with his favorite treats each time he successfully uses his potty area. This will help the pup remember the right actions better.
  • Always supervise the Basset Hound until it is completely house-trained. The most effective time to potty train your dog is when you first bring them home.
  • Use appropriate and non-toxic products to completely eliminate the smell of old accidents.


Learning how to house train a basset hound puppy requires special patience. Since you are the dog’s owner, it is your responsibility to guide them in the right way. Start out with a blueprint for your training and try out the methods mentioned above. I hope you will see some results after a month.

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