How Fast Can A Blue Heeler Run? The Answer Is Here!

Training Blue Heelers or running with them is the best experience ever for dog lovers. But how fast can a Blue Heeler run

You can find the answer in this post. We will also include some interesting facts about this energetic dog breed. Let’s read on to discover! 

How Fast Can A Blue Heeler Dog Run?

Blue Heelers, known as Australian Cattle Dogs, can reach an average speed of about 24 to 25 mph. They may easily exceed 30 mph while sprinting hard. 

Male Blue Heelers can run at an average speed of 24.4 mph, while the figure of their female counterparts is 23.7 mph. 

The exact speeds depend on the dog’s physical characteristics and training routine.

Physical characteristics 

A dog needs a strong, medium-sized physique to run fast. If its body is large, it will be too hefty and less athletic. On the other hand, a dog with a small frame will have trouble gaining speed.

A Blue Heel is a quick runner because of its strong, medium-sized, and compact physique, which gives it endurance, speed, and flexibility with a relentless pace. 

Training routine

Each dog receives a different workout program. You’ll discover that a Blue Heel may attain high speeds if they practice more frequently and have a better diet. 

how fast are blue heelers

1. Speeds vary depending on several factors

Speed Of Blue Heelers Compared To Other Dog Breeds 

The Australian Cattle Dog ranks 71st out of 247 dog breeds in running speed. 

The height and weight of the animal affect how fast it can run. Dog breeds with bigger physiques tend to run faster.

A Blue Heeler is about 17 to 20 inches tall and weighs between 30 and 50 pounds. 

Here, you can evaluate the Blue Heeler’s speed in comparison with other dog breeds.

Dog Breed Average Speed 
Thai Ridgebacks 27.8 mph
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers 25.1 mph 
Weimaraners  24.7 mph
Afghan Hounds 24.6 mph
Italian Greyhounds 24.4 mph
Blue Heelers  24.0 mph
Japanese Terriers 23.5 mph
Barbets 21.8 mph
Irish Wolfhounds 21.8 mph
Collies 21.2 mph
Portuguese Podengo Pequenos 19.2 mph 
Cairn Terriers 17.8 mph 
Sealyham Terriers 15.0 mph
Pekingese 9.4 mph

How Far Can A Blue Heeler Run? 

An adult Blue Heeler in perfect health can run up to five miles with ease and can accompany you for more than 50 miles of jogging each week without risk. 

If you prefer to go on hikes, your Blue Heeler will appreciate going with you on shorter or longer walks. They can also run over long distances in any condition because of their thick coat. 

How Long Can A Blue Heeler Run?

On average, Australian Cattle Dogs need one to two hours of physical activity every day. They can gradually increase their distance, but watch out for symptoms of overtraining.

The duration of one to two hours we mention here is about intense activities. If you just want your pet to walk, it can do it for half or a whole day. 

A Cattle Dog might become tired from excessive activity. Overtraining can also result in injuries and long-term health problems.

Overstaining is terrible for both humans and animals. The following are some signs of a Blue Heeler being overworked:

  • Aching or tight muscles
  • Joint discomfort 
  • Heat exhaustion 
  • Pad injuries

Conditioning should be the key to your training. Blue Heelers need to improve their fitness just as humans do. You cannot immediately start with long runs. 

how far can a blue heeler run2. Do not let your pet work too much

Are Blue Heelers Good Running Partners? 

Running with an Australian Cattle Dog is a fantastic pleasure. They are ready to work, stay active, and perform at all they do because of their herding nature.

Here are some benefits that you can expect from choosing a Blue Heeler as your running companion:

  • Fun: If we run for a long time by ourselves, it might get rather boring. Why don’t you make it more enjoyable by running with your pet? 
  • Motivation: You will be driven to run since your dog won’t ever complain to you that he is bored or tired. 
  • Bonding: Running and interacting with your pet will strengthen your relationship.
  • Physical and mental health: If you love spending time with your active dog, your weight will decrease, and so will your depression. 

how fast does a blue heeler run3. Blue Heelers are fantastic running partners


The average speed of a Blue Heel is 24 to 25 mph. The speed varies depending on several factors. You can train your pet to increase its speed. 

Hopefully, we have satisfactorily answered your question. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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