When Do Blue Heelers Go Into Heat? Timing & Practical Care Tips

When do Blue Heelers go into heat? If you are curious about this topic, I have some insights based on my experiences.

As a Blue Heeler owner for years, I’ve noticed that these lovely dogs generally go into heat about twice a year. Yet, there is other important information to take note of. So join me as I share tips to keep our pets healthy and happy!

When Do Blue Heelers Go Into Heat? 

Blue Heelers go through the first time called “heat” when they are between six months old to 1 year. They are ready to mate with male dogs and have babies.

Yet, the exact timing can vary depending on individual factors, such as health, genetics, habits, and environmental conditions.

The heat cycle usually lasts about 21 days, like three weeks. And guess what? It happens about every six months. During this period, a Blue Heeler’s body goes through different stages to get ready for having puppies. 

If your Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dogs) doesn’t get pregnant, the cycle ends after those three weeks, and then it starts all over again in six months. 

On the other hand, if your pet gets pregnant, the cycle takes a break until she gives birth to the puppies.

However, please note that some factors may affect your Blue Heeler’s heat cycle. For example: 


What age do Blue Heelers go into heat? As aforementioned, they have this experience once they are six months old. Age also matters when checking your pet’s heat cycle. 

If your Blue Heeler is younger, her heat cycles might be shorter and sometimes unpredictable. But as she gets older, they can become longer and not show many indicators. It’s interesting how her body changes as she grows! 

Overall health

The Blue Heeler’s overall health is important. It affects her ability to have babies and how many she can have.   

Dietary habits

What your Blue Heeler eats plays a role too. A balanced diet is really important for her. So ensure your pet gets all the nutrients she needs to stay healthy and have a regular heat cycle.


Just like people, dogs may feel stressed too. So, you need to create a calm and relaxing environment for her. That way, her heat cycle can be more regular and healthy.

when do blue heelers go into heat

The first heat starts when your dog is around six months old

Blue Heeler Heat Cycle 

My Blue Heeler has gone through her heat cycles several times. Here is what I have noticed from my pet during this period. 


At this proestrus phase, my dog’s private area becomes swollen. She has a little bit of blood-tinged discharge. 

My pet also licks herself a lot and acts clingy. Sometimes, she even gets a bit aggressive towards male dogs and tucks her tail. 


Then comes the estrus phase, which is the main mating phase. It’s when my dog is ready to have puppies. I can tell because her discharge changes color to brown or pink. 

Also, my Blue Heeler often urinates to leave marks for male partners, and she even seeks them out. 

Plus, she shows her tail on the side when approaching male dogs, like a flag. During this time, she also tends to be more aggressive toward other female dogs. 


Once my Blue Heeler successfully mated, her body might prepare for pregnancy. But if not, her body returns to normal. 

Her discharge stops completely, and her private area returns to its usual size. It means her fertile window closes. 


The last stage is anestrus. My Blue Heeler’s body becomes completely normal, with no indicators of hormonal changes or sexual behavior. It’s time for rest and preparation for her next heat cycle, which will happen again in about six months.

how often do blue heelers go into heat

There are four stages in a heat cycle

Signs That Your Blue Heelers Are Entering Heat  

When my Blue Heeler is in heat, she shows signs telling me to pay more attention to her. Let me share it with you!

Swollen vulva 

First, I notice that her vulva, which is a part of her private area, becomes red and swollen. It seems to puff a bit, and that’s how I know she has just started her heat cycle. 

Increased attention to vulva

Then, my pet seems more interested in her vulva. She sniffs it and licks it more than normal. 

Vaginal bleeding

During this period, my pet also has a bit of vaginal bleeding.  Some dogs have a lot of blood, while others have just a little.

To keep my home clean, I use dog diapers for her. There are special diapers made for dogs, and they come in different sizes. They even have a hole for her tail! You can learn more about dog diapers here:

Frequent urination

I also notice that my Blue Heeler pees more often when she’s in heat. She’s leaving a unique smell in her urine to attract male dogs.  

Behavior change

Her behavior changes too. For example, she’s more nervous and distracted than usual. Moreover, she really wants to have puppies, so she tries to get close to male dogs. 

at what age do blue heelers go into heat

Pay more attention to your pet during this time

How Often Do Blue Heelers Go Into Heat? 

After a female Blue Heeler’s first heat, she goes into heat every six months. It means she has this special period twice a year, which continues to happen throughout her life.

As an owner of a Blue Heeler, I always keep track of my pet’s heat cycle. Hence, I can take better care of her and ensure she doesn’t have puppies when I don’t want her to.

How To Care For Blue Heelers During Heat? 

Caring for my Blue Heeler during her heat keeps her happy and healthy. But how can you do that? I have some tips right here. 

It’s essential to keep my Blue Heeler stay hygienic first. Hence, I give her regular baths to keep her fur clean. I also trim the hair around her private area. 

During her heat, I don’t let her do too much exercise. Activities like jumping or running are too tiring for my pet. Instead, I just give her gentle walks or play with her gently. 

I also pay attention to her behavior. Sometimes she might feel exhausted. So, I give her comfort and extra attention when she needs help.  

how long do blue heelers stay in heat

Tips for taking care of your Blue Heeler


When do Blue Heelers go into heat? It usually starts when the dogs are around six months to one year old and continues throughout their lives.

During this time, their bodies go through different phases. So please pay attention to them and give them the best care. 

Thank you for reading!

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