Do Blue Heelers Bark A Lot? How To Stop This Behavior?

When choosing a Blue Heeler, there’s one important thing many people forget to consider: barking! If your pet barks too much, your experience will be less enjoyable. 

So do Blue Heelers bark a lot? I own one, and I can help you answer this question. You can also learn some cool tips to stop their barking. Let’s see! 

Do Blue Heelers Bark A Lot? 

The answer is No. Blue Heelers don’t often bark excessively. They just have alarm barks, which are not bad things.

Are Blue Heelers Barkers?

I have a Blue Heeler, and he doesn’t usually bark. He simply does it to protect my home. If your pets bark too much, they may feel anxious or want attention. 

A long time ago, people used Blue Heelers to herd cattle. Their primary task was to take care of the cows. 

At that time, barking wasn’t a good thing for Blue Heelers. Their barks may scare the cows away. Hence, Blue Heeler owners wanted them to be quiet. 

After the training, Blue Heelers usually stayed silent while doing their job. That way, the cows wouldn’t get scared, and everything would go smoothly.

These dogs still have that history in their genes. Thus, they are not big barkers. That’s one of the best things I love about them. 

do blue heelers bark a lot

Blue Heelers are not barkers

Why Do Blue Heelers Bark So Much?

Even so, some Blue Heelers may bark too much. In this case, just keep calm and find out the reason! 

My Blue Heeler sometimes annoys me with his barks. Here is what I have learned from his weird behavior. 

Protective Instincts

Blue Heelers are really good at protecting their owners. They have a special talent for letting you know if someone is coming. It sounds really cool!

But in some cases, their bark can become a bit of a problem. Imagine when your dogs bark at someone passing by. That person may not have any bad intentions. So, their bark turns out to be annoying. 

Fixing this problem is tricky. So, I can only try not to let my dog see people walking by. You may also keep your pets in the backyard or block their view from the window. 

That way, Blue Heelers won’t feel the need to bark all the time. It’s like giving them a break from their guarding duty. 


Blue Heelers are intelligent. Hence, you need lots of things to keep their minds entertained. Otherwise, they get bored and have some behavior problems.

When my Blue Heeler has nothing to do, he barks more than he should. I feel like he’s trying to tell me, “Hey, I need something interesting!”

So, to make my pet happy, I play games with him. You can also teach your dogs new tricks and give them puzzle toys.  

Anxiety Or Fear

Dogs can get scared by certain people or animals. In this situation, they bark to protect themselves. They may even act aggressively. 

Helping Blue Heelers feel safe is important. So, I train my pet and show him that not everyone is a threat. I also take steps to ensure he feels comfortable.  


Blue Heelers love their owners and don’t mind showing their affection. When I’m around, my pet always wants my attention. 

Unfortunately, I accidentally rewarded my Blue Heeler for his attention-seeking barking. When he barked, I gave him affection. And guess what? He quickly learned that barking could get him what he wanted. 

So now, I teach him that barking isn’t a good idea. Instead, I reward him when he’s calm and quiet! Then, he learns patience is the best way to get my love. 

Lack Of Training

Blue Heelers require training and socialization. Without them, your dogs may start barking at anyone who is not part of your family. 

To solve this problem, I work on teaching my pet good behavior. I want him to know that barking at everyone is a terrible habit. And when he learns to accept people, he barks less. 

why does my blue heeler bark so much

Blue Heelers may bark for various reasons

Tips To Stop Blue Heelers From Barking? 

Sometimes your Blue Heelers bark out of nowhere. Here are some tips I have tried with my dog to stop his barks:

  • When my pet barks, I ask him to come to me and give him a treat. You can also distract your pets with a toy or ask them to lie down. They can’t bark in that position. 
  • I never use physical punishment because it can make my pet terrified. Please remember that Blue Heelers are sensitive, so harsh methods won’t work well. 
  • Crate training is a good idea, too. It helps with my dog’s potty training and stops him from becoming stubborn. 

do blue heeler dogs bark a lot

Tips to stop Blue Heelers from barking

Are Blue Heelers Hard To Train? 

No. Blue Heelers are smart. Moreover, they have a lot of energy and want to stick to you. So, they love training because they think following your instructions can please you.

Blue Heelers can learn things quickly. It’s best to start training your pets when they are still puppies. Then, when they grow up, they know how to behave around others.

Sometimes your dogs get too excited and ignore your commands. But don’t worry! Take a break and try again later. They will become calmer soon. 

Additionally, be consistent with your pets. Over time, Blue Heelers will understand what you expect from them. 

does a blue heeler bark a lot

It is not hard to train a Blue Heeler


Do Blue Heelers bark a lot? The answer is No. But if your dogs become annoying and bark excessively, you should find the reasons. Then, follow my tips to stop this behavior.

Hopefully, this article can help you deal with your Blue Heeler barking. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post!

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